News Comment #4

Amber Guyger a female officer faces manslaughter. Guyger entered  Botham Jeans apartment thinking it was hers after coming home from work. While she was still in uniform she opened up the door which was unlocked and it was pitch black in the apartment and she saw a shadow of someone. Guyger pulled out her gun and shot Jean three times. A co council member is now saying she shot him because he was black.

CNN had a good lead to the story. It really drew me in and I ended up reading the whole news article. I find it interesting that Amber thought that it was her apartment even though her key did not fit in the door. But I do not think she shot Jean just because he was black. I think she shot him because she thought someone broke in her apartment.

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  1.   fuglsang Says:

    This is what we have come to: the second paragraph has to point outthe cop is white and the victim black. I can remember when that was not standard reporting.

    There were a lot of obvious clues this was not her apartment. This story doesn’t cover that question.

  2.   Bryce Says:

    Never put your own personal opinion in an article

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