Dreams Into Reality

After listening to Mat Reynders this morning I learned a lot about setting goals and gaining experience while working. He discussed where he started his career and how he got to where he is now. I thought it was interesting how he set a goal to stay in New York for only three years but is currently still there. It is important to take a risk and get a different experience in another area. He has worked his way up to Times Inc. and seems to be pretty successful doing that. Overall he was a great speaker who kept my attention the entire time.

The Constant Gardener

After watching The Constant Gardener, I observed some issues that relate to international business. Kenya was being used for a drug experiment. Kenya, like many African countries, has a weak government system and lacks in the economy. They have a poor population that the drug company knew they could benefit off of. The drug company distributed this risky new drug, not aware of the side affects. The Kenyan population assumed they had nothing to lose when taking this new drug. The business part was corrupt due to the drug company and the British government knew what possibly could happen.

At the end of the movie, Justin tried to bribe the pilot with $300 to let the kid on the plane. The pilot discussed with Justin how that was not how he does business. Justin thought he could bribe the pilot due to the corrupt police system. I found multiple bribes throughout the movie. Justin was bribed earlier in the movie for answers.

The British government and the drug company had to discuss how they were doing business as well. They had to decide were to produce and distribute the drug.

Reaction to movie clip.

The message was from the older lady to the lady who was about to get married. The lady who was about to get married, had her mother with her. They were discussing who was murdered and what was stolen. They were trying to figure out if that was the same person.

Sexism in International Business

Business has traditionally always been a male dominated area. Involving women in international business is debated for many reasons. A lot of foreign countries view and look down to women with power. For example, in a lot of middle eastern countries, women are not usually head of a business. I believe if a woman can get the job done internationally, then they should get the chance to show what they can do if the circumstances are right. Foreign countries believe men show a higher power of dominance and leadership. They believe men have better skills and are more educated.

Every Multinational Corporation wants to be successful. If a U.S. business would like to do business internationally, then they need to meet the guidelines to be successful. The guidelines in these countries may not be fair, but every corporation will do what is necessary to accomplish their goals. Women are not always respected in countries such as India or Japan. Women in these countries lack respect and it could still be a while before they are treated equally.

A MNC should always respect what other countries beliefs are. If foreign countries don’t want to do business with a woman, then the company should send the man. Only time will tell if women are treated equally to men in foreign markets.

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