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Story # 3

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my project #2 my news story i think i labled it wrong because it is really story article #3

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Story Article 4

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Josh Meredtih

Comm 208

Story article 4

The average college student’s day often times will go something like this: Wake up for lunch. After lunch, maybe decided to hit up a class or two if there is a drive to actually get up and go. Play some Call of Duty Modern Warefare 3 on the gaming console of their choice. Go to dinner. After dinner, drink some adult beverages while staying up way too late. Rinse and repeat everything tomorrow. As Kellen Wonder put it, “Ya, that sounds like a normal day for me.”

Unfortunately for Hailey Meredith, this is not how her college days are going. This is because on top of full time college work, she happens to be married as well as working every day. Her husband is rarely home either because he also is maintaining a full time job along with being a full time student.

Hailey’s average day usually starts by getting wet nosed by her wiener dog, Kaleb, at around six in the morning. Hailey commented that this is both a good and bad thing.

“The bad part is that it is six in the morning and no college student wants to be awake at that time. The good part is that if Kaleb didn’t wake me up, he would likely find a spot to do a number one and a number two in my bed.”

So, she generally will drag herself out of bed when Kaleb wakes her and she put the dog on the chain outside so he can relieve himself. The rest of the morning is spent getting ready for her day by doing her morning routines.  Michelle Kuester commented that, “Hailey seems to spend a lot of her attention on her dog…probably the best birth control.”

Hailey takes classes at Western Iowa Tech Community College in Sioux City Iowa where she is studying business management. She has mixed feelings about WITCC. She loves the cost of the school but hates the class atmosphere.

“Classes at WIT are pretty much a joke. Everyone there seems to be at least 30 years old and yet they act like they are ten year old age. But, you can’t beat the price.”

After her morning classes, she heads off to work at the Angel House Daycare to work her usual six and a half hour shift. When she was first hired at the daycare, she originally worked with four year olds. Unfortunately, she got moved to the two year olds soon after and has disliked her job since. She explained to me why she disliked the change.

“At first the two year olds were cute but then this cuteness was accompanied by crying and s@!# in the pants. Though the four year olds definitely had their bad days, the terrible twos are much worse and this is way I am looking for a new place to work.”

Hailey did recently get an interview at the Morningside branch of Great Southern Bank.

“Hopefully I get the job…I would be making more money, working better hours, and maybe actually working with adults.”

Jason Larson, who has also had the experience of going to college while working and being married explained his take, “It’s tough taking care of a house with a dog and husband while also going to school and work. But, if you make it through all the struggles, someday you can look back at the tough times and laugh.”

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