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Posted in Uncategorized by Joshua on the December 2, 2011

This one is for you Ross

Dear Mr Fuglsang,

If you had to had to sell your most prestigious and rare comic book, how much do you think you would get for it. Oo November 11, some very lucky gentlemen put a comic on that sold this week for $2.16 million. The comic was a copy of the first issue of Action Comics which I guess is very famous because it contained the first appearance of Superman, kinda a big deal. The seller put a reserve price of $900,000 which the average person would consider much to high and outrageously ridiculous but the buyer, who obviously doesn’t have anything productive to spend his money on (he should look into charities.) decided he could more than double that.

The comic was published in 1938 at a time when it cost just 10 cents! There is believed to be about 100 copies of Action Comics Number 1 left on the plant and very few of them are believed to be in good condition. If you find one in your grandpas attic, please don’t do anything stupid with it and sell it while you can before on of the corners crease.