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Posted in News Comments by Joshua on the October 13, 2011

This past week, American Football icon, Al Davis passed away at age 82 after battling many different health difficulties over the past few years. He was best know for being the owner and general manager of the Oakland Raiders who have taken on the image of the bad boys of the NFL which has kinda of hurt the image of Al Davis. Davis though held many different positions in football such as a scout, a position coach at USC, a commissioner of the AFL before the AFL and NFL merger, and the head coach of the Oakland Raiders. Al Davis was a visionary for football. He scouted the first African-American QB to every play at USC. He is also responsible for hiring the first African-American coach in NFL history.

Al Davis didn’t care who you were or what color your skin was, all he cared about was winning. His favorite quote, “Just win baby!” can be seen all over the Raiders practice facilities. And winning, for a long time, was what Davis’ teams did, including three super bowls in four attempts the with the Raiders and one AFL championship before the merger.

Before every NFL game this past weekend, a moment of silence was held in memory of Al Davis, who was survived by his wife and son.



If you want to read about Al Davis Career, go to wikipedia here

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  1.   fuglsang said,

    on October 16th, 2011 at 7:17 pm

    Did you read any particular story, Josh? He was everywhere in sporting news, but unlike Jobs, he has less impact on the average person (I think). I saw an interesting link somewhere to a piece by Hunter S. Thompson that includes a bit on Davis: Fear and Loathing at the Superbowl, I think. Might be a good read for you.