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News Comment 5

Posted in News Comments by Joshua on the September 29, 2011

There is no better way for a city to make money than to fine people because they wear their pants to low. In places all over the United States, people, generally young males, like to wear their pants way below their waists. Some people find this to be a fashion statement, while other find it to be flat out disgusting. My brother told me a story once where he was in Iowa City at a Kentucky Fried Chicken eating a delicious meal of fried unhealthy food, when a man walked up to the counter to order. According to my brother, his whole bare ass was hanging out of his pants because he probably thought he looked cool.

Last November, the city of Albany, Georgia decided to do something about the young people who wear their “Saggy Pants” like this. They decided to fine first time offenders $25, and multiple time offenders $200 if their pants were worn “three inches below the top of the hips exposing skin or undergarments.” Albany officials have given out 187 citations and collected over $4000 since last November. Other cities are probably taking notice to see if Albany is successful with their new law. Skateboarders, ballers, and rappers beware, your dress habits may start to cost you.

Scavenger Hunt: State Quarter

Posted in Uncategorized by Joshua on the September 29, 2011

I walked into the Morningside College Bookstore seeing no one in sight. From behind me, a meek voice asked, “Can I help you find something?” I turned around to see a fairly short, black haired girl wearing a green shirt and black sweat pants walk my way. With little hesitation knowing I have to get this done one way or another I asked, “Do you have a state quarter that I can trade you?”

“Ya, just a second.” was her only response as she turned around and headed towards an office. She asked a man in the office my question which he didn’t understand at first so I had to repeat it.

“Oh! a state quarter,” responded the grey haired, short man in a ah-ha sort of way. He continued to say, “I have been asked many questions but never this one.” He proceeded to the cash register and examined a quarter for a long time. He finally came to the conclusion that is was a state quarter and he looked up to say, “How bout Arizona?”

“That will work!” was my response. “Thank you.”

The trade was done with little effort and so in order to complete this assignment, I asked the two workers for their name. The girls name was Jasmine and the man happened to be a Duane.