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Newt Gingrich (R)

Posted in Uncategorized by Joshua on the September 28, 2011

Newt Gingrich, republican presidential candidate and former speaker of the house visited Morningside College last Tuesday asking for voters “to be with me not for me.”

Walking away from the Yocky Room that day, I was impressed by how smart and charming Mr. Gingrich was. He knew his stuff, he has experience, he used catchy lines like “pay stubs vs pay checks”, and he added dashes of humor with comments like: “When I am elected president, I want to sell President Obama’s Canadian buses that are flown form city to city.”

All Gingrich wants is a chance to be the republican representative running against Mr. Obama come the elections next fall, which he feels he can win due to his self proclaimed ability to no doubt out debate the president. The funny thing for me was, by zoning out all the self confidence and just listening to his words, he sure sounded like he could take our president behind the woodshed in a debate. His talks of his early political years with Regan and writing a new 21st Century Contract and reducing the powers of Washington were music to the ears of the 100 or so people who sat in the Yocky Room. But that may be just the problem. He was, for the most part, preaching to the choir.

The people in the Yocky Room loved him. But that was to be expected since they were out of their own free will, taking time out off from work to be there. None the less, they ate up every word he spoke like it was grandma’s fine cooking on a Sunday after church. They laughed, they cheered, and they nodded their heads in agreement with every promising change he plans on bringing to Washington once elected president.

Yet, despite all the confidence he projected to the audience, there had to be a point for everyone there in the Yocky Room to think this same thought, “does this guy really even have the slightest chance or being the republican nominee.” He said himself that he is not going to be able to raise as much money for his campaign as other candidates in the republican party will. Also, in order to get to the White House he would also have to dodge minefields and pot holes for his past like a variety of affairs, giving his wife divorce papers while she was battling cancer, and missteps as speaker of the house.Yes, he won over a friendly, supportive crowd that wanted to be there. A crowd that one could guess was at least 95 percent republican, Gingrich supporters. But, could he win over a nation that in the last mock polling was giving him only ten percent of the republican vote (18% behind leading candidate Perry).

In spite of this less than idealistic past and his less than stellar chance of pulling off a huge upset and being elected as the republican parties nominee, Gingrich shined standing up there, and with many more performances across the county with promises like the ones he made on Tuesday, we may see this dark horse get his wish and debate President Obama for the right to be the president of this great country.


(Now I am going to base some opinions which I didn’t included in my article for different, probably obvious reasons.)

Though I have never nor ever will have the desire to vote for a very long time for a multitude of reasons, (reasons like the two party system has ruined politics. Everyone for the most part just votes for their party. Republicans will always vote for the republican candidate as democrats will do the same for their party. The candidates themselves can’t have a mind of their own, they have to believe what their party believes. On top of this, every politician is full of flip flops, lies. and empty promises. Anyone reading can help make this point for me by thinking back to all the promises Obama made in the last election about change and how he was going to turn the economy and this country around and how it has only gotten worse) I do believe Gingrich would make an excellent president for the United States of America, but not good enough to go out and actually vote for him or anyone else for that matter.

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