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Elwood Olsen Stadium

Posted in Out of class assignments by Joshua on the September 1, 2011

Elwood Olsen Stadium, formally know as Roberts Stadium is home to Morningside’s football, soccer and track and fields teams. In 2005, more than $2,500,000 worth of renovations were completed giving the stadium the look it has today. In order to make in to the field you have to walk down the biggest hill on campus, through the stadium parking lot, and through the gates to get to where I am standing now.

The first observation I make is that it is hotter on the field than it is on normal grass. The field is a turf that fells squishy under my feet. When i reached down to feel it with my bare hand, the turf felt like it could give a great back scratch. When I pulled my hand back up, it was covered in these little black pieces of rubber. The field is green with maroon end zones and white lines every five yards for football and yellow lines to make an outline of a soccer field.

Surronding the field is a track the is 400 meters or a light maroon track that can make most men tired just looking at it. The stands, like everything else, are painted maroon and have shiny metal stands in them that are boiling hot in the summer heat. If one had an egg, I am sure it can be fried up on the stands. There are Morningside Mustang logos everywhere, including the very middle of the field.

Ice Cream Day!

Posted in In Class Assignments by Joshua on the September 1, 2011

When the ice cream was first brought into the room, I had one thought run through my head, “Fulgsang is softening us up because he is about to drop and eight page paper on our heads.” I was wrong with my first assumption. In actuality,  all I had to do was eat the ice cream and describe to you readers (which amounts to zero people). At first glance, I thought that the ice cream was half chocolate and half vanilla. My oddly shaped spoon was able to carve into the ice cream like butter meaning that the ice cream had either been in a freezer that was not set to its max cooling capabilities, or it has been left out for a little while. While bringing the spoon up to my mouth, I fully expected the taste of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. To my surprise, my taste buds detected a root beer float taste. I could neither fully taste the vanilla or the root beer it mixed together perfectly. It was not the highest quality of root beer taste that one could get. In fact, it tasted more like the cheap great value type of root beer that you can a 2 liter bottle of for 64 cents at Wal-mart. To make sure my taste buds were not deceiving me, I smelt the ice cream and sure enough, it had a slight smell of root beer. As the ice cream continued to decrease in the the circularized cup it is in, it also began to become more liquid. Soon enough, the ice cream had disappeared and my spoon was only making contact with the plastic bottom of the container. Thus ends the best part of my  Fundamentals of Journalism class today. I now have to fully prepare myself for the next hour and a half of class with nothing but an empty ice cream cup and a weird spoon. If there are any readers of this blog out there, feel free to comment on what I should do with the cup and spoon.

News Comment

Posted in News Comments by Joshua on the September 1, 2011

For my news comments I went to the New York Times website and found an article about how the White House wants to observe 9/11. In the article it said that Obama wanted the media to minimize references to Al-Qaeda. The article said that Obama thought that the killing of Usama bin Laden is evidence that the terror group that plotted and executed the 9/11 attacks is becoming “increasingly irrelevant.” The article also stated other things that the White House wants done on the anniversary but this was the one that caught my eye. The article didn’t go into why he didn’t want references to Al-Qaeda. I just considered this pretty interesting because it seems we are not too shy about talking about Japan when the attacks on Pearl Harbor are mentioned even though the militaristic government that Japan had during WWII is much more irrelevant than Al-Qaeda is. This will probably be something that the media does not pay attention to for I feel Al-Qaeda and Usama bin Laden will probably be mentioned a lot in the coming weeks. None the less, it will be interesting to see how the media handles this.