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Adam Carroll Speech Critique
April 22, 2015, 10:54 am
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Adam Carroll is a pretty convincing guy considering he gets paid to go around and tell people how to manage money. He has all the life story and background to follow along the path of any one mind’s dream career. Carroll had to dip into the good and bad of experiencing a college kid’s budget. He got to see both sides of the spectrum and to know the safe feeling money can give you. The one big take away for me, however, was how he was open to bring in a unique idea of money management. This was in part due to his ability to look at the big picture. This connects to what college students hope to do for their future career. It’s not all about that in his eyes though, it’s about just getting a good start on life. I think this speech would be best suited for older college students who are looking more for a direction but it still was fulfilling in content for any that is willing to listen.


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