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English/American Ad Comp.
January 22, 2015, 8:08 pm
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Bryson and Fletcher both show an advocating view of two successful country’s advertising business. One trick of the trade that is most familiar in advertising is the persuasive and sometimes funny slogans and jargons used to sell the product. Both of these men illustrate the infamy that ads make with those kind of things.  They give very convincing examples in their own rights of these products. They both elude to the downfalls these companies may have in certain campaigns or the way they go about them but also show it tends not to matter all the time. Generally though, Fletcher draws on a broad base of opinions of many sides of advertising while Bryson just gives a strict history on the advertising business and its success. They both use their own writings to conclude that ads do work and can show us the concise parts that make them so intriguing. Fletcher was being very straight forward and valid in his research and Bryson played with the idea to show a more laid back tone. Never the less, they both came to the same conclusion of a booming success for ad companies and for people to validate this by “voting with their dollar.”

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