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Reflection on Advertising Affects
January 20, 2015, 7:26 pm
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My job here is to critique the advertisement of the Speed Hitter baseball tool. I always see this advertised on MLB Network and wondered how much it really can do. Let’s first poke holes at the statement on the first part of their site. It reads: “The ultimate training bat.” Ultimate can mean the best of its kind and actually the Speed Hitter is very unique so perhaps just the only of its “kind.” Ultimate, therefore, could be a weasel word. We can then go to a short statement posted: “The Speed Hitter is a revolutionary multi-purpose training bat designed to dramatically improve your contact point, immediately increase bat speed, fine tune your swing mechanics, and turn you into the best hitter you can be!” First of all, dramatically just means it is dramatic? Another weasel appears. The next part can mean that it increases all this as you use it because it is specified for that but what about in the game? One thing you also notice when you watch the commercial, it shows real hitting but does not show where the ball goes or if you get a good swing on it. They talk over the swinging and hitting so you may miss some of the talking too.

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How many things in the world can you think of that wastes money that we always seem to need? Advertising is a poster child for this and some even become jokingly so. Money put into advertisement could actually go to things that can help people. They are basically traps and should be illegal anyway because they can cause people to waste their life away. I give the example of cigarettes, and fast food. The point was made it the reading if we really need some of this stuff when they have no real value. I am in that corner. Advertisements mess with our head. Sure we may lose some jobs but the extra money can be spread out more to make the economy boom. We are basically giving our well-earned money to advertisers to make back their expense and spend it on more ads while we get mostly useless products.


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