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Kilbourne Speech Critique and Class Awards Reactions
January 19, 2015, 11:31 am
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Jean Kilbourne brings to the table a compelling speech with a lot of important points to protect our women in society. Her choice of audience direction with the college students and the tone projects just what would hit them. She had a ton of visual evidence and highlighted the points they made perfectly. Mass media and college students connect well especially with our culture so that made this even more compelling. She intrigued with her vocal expression in a joking way but I question that plus other little bits.

She does not understand our culture completely though, in my opinion. I think one quirk that has been mushed into our pop culture purely as a joke is our enjoyment of food in a sexual context. It may sound strange but isn’t a Lady Gaga meat dress? Girls and guys both post things on twitter and Facebook being romantic about food. It may be brought about by advertisements but definitely has been taken in our culture. When it does not direct towards women, it should not be wrong. She thinks girls try to be too perfect and not eat so how can she condemn this cultural quirk? Finally, I could see a little more deep emotion in this speech could drive it up more.


Class Speaking: I feel like the tone of voice was very strong and led to the best overall displays in these speeches. If you had that perky, sarcastic, or funny tone, it made the speech work. It helped also to get into the description of the award and the dramatic pauses created with the thankings was a great filler.

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