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Becoming What I Want to be
October 27, 2014, 8:34 pm
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Wanted for hire at Le Mars Community School:

High School Counseling position- We are looking for a people person, strong willed, and a monster of a heart to help teenagers down the road of life! Being a workhorse and shuttling themselves throughout the school will be required. The counselor title also means the obligation of filling out a lot of paper work in order to make things easier for the students and faculty. They must be able to deal with a zany environment every day and manage a plethora of different personalities from all kinds of people. This job requires full-time fall through spring and vacation allowance in the summer. Bring your own philosophy in and let it flourish in the hearts of young minds. Coaching on the side is a plus also! There are some book keeping things that you must have too. You need a graduate level Master’s Degree in counseling. An undergraduate degree in psychology with ethics-based, cultural, and brain development classes included helps too.

What I aim to do:

I want to provide guidance and help those who are lost, one step at a time, like seeds sown on a barren prairie. I hope to build a network of positive self-talk across the entire school. I live to see my influence in others and how it can change the world.



My identity is at an uncertain crossroad right now. My passionate love, cross country, has ended. For the next two weeks until track starts, this radically changes who I am. I am not an athlete during this span but I more literally a full-time student. I can already see this starting to change me. I almost, at times, don’t feel like myself without running. I have been living the, true to stereotypes, college life. My days consist of sitting in my dorm room glued to internet TV marathons. Once I get a foothold in track when it starts in two weeks, I will make up a new part of my identity with help of the team.

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