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Joys of Being a College Student Part 1
September 15, 2014, 1:07 pm
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One of the hardest parts of the rigorous life of a college student is learning how to piece everything together in an organized way.  For a start, goal setting could give a good jumpstart to your college existence. If you set a goal it is almost like a mold you can fit into and it gives you a sort of path to follow. One thing to make as a goal is to step out of your comfort zone in one way or another. This could help solidify what you want as your identity by exploring something new. An education goal would be the other essential. You need something to keep you focused on school. The same applies for a sport if you play one. I have a running goal of ending up as one of the top 2 freshmen at the end of the year. My education goal is a work in progress so far since I still need to get a full feel for my classes.  The problem for students then lies in keeping good track of time and organizing for exams. To manage time well, you should be prepared to keep some sort of written schedule or the overwhelming things to do could clot your head. I have felt this heavily in all the emails I constantly receive and the people who I want to make time for. I usually take on this challenge by thinking of my schedule at least twice a day and cheat in a sense by doing my homework as far ahead as I can. Testing skills can be tough and different for every person. My advice would be for anyone is be creative in the way you study that adheres to your own personality. I prefer to write notes out for all I read so then I am almost reading it twice at least. I study multiple times in different days just a bit to stay fresh with the information.

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