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The Mustache Race Feelings
September 8, 2014, 2:51 pm
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In the reading The Mustache Race, the author plays their hand in telling about the war but also connecting it with home life in order to relate with audiences. From a soldier’s point of view, he tells signs war paints in your head, the loneliness, the discomfort, the fear. This takes the part of Wise’s “I know how you feel.” This is not necessarily by purpose he does this. In the details he uses, he speaks directly as to where his mind carries him. This also leads to bring out a sense of a homely connection and the feeling of being away. For many ordinary people, this jumps out at them and not just soldiers.  The good memories come out and he may believe it is unique to him since it is his own family background but small details can be formed and ran away with to make others perceive their lives through this.  Another technique discussed by Wise comes to light prominently with this story, details. He holds off on the gross, drawn out details but makes a conscious ping in your head to get you thinking about what truly is going on. Questions are raised also to help along the philosophy of his writing. He takes us through one scene and then to another, keeping our attention by articulating his thoughts about a different thing until the exact moment where he needs to bring it back to reality and pull you back in. The important parts of that reality set in the war are woven in between. Bronson appears as though he is a master storyteller but truly he is just telling his story through the way he feels does it justice and tugs his thoughts personally.

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