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November 9, 2017

Do midwesterners care about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA?

On September 5th, president Donald Trump announced his intentions to rescind DACA.

It implemented in August 2012 through an executive order by  former president Barack Obama. DACA’s role was to  protect illegal immigrant children. It provided the opportunity of legal  study and  work.

The rescinding of DACA has created nationwide discussion. At Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa the Spanish Club recently organized an informative event on campus.

Evelyn Hernandez, the president of Spanish club implied that young adults getting deported on the west coast may not be newsworthy to college students in the Midwest. Hernandez believes it is the duty of the club to bring about awareness.

* voice clip* “Our goal is to inform people about DACA and the repercussions’ of the abolishment.”

Veronica Mullen, a member of the Spanish club reinforced Hernandez’ views.

*voice clip* “They [the Morningside community] know what DACA stand for but no the details per say. We are definitely trying to raise awareness due to the current political environment and let the community know that we can do something about”

The Spanish club is attempting to create a call to action. The current goal of the club is to get students to contact their senate representative.

Mullen said that, “most students are willing to contact their representatives and let them know the support DACA.”

Aaron Montanez, a student at Morningside College and a native of California believes that college students in general care about social and political issues. He also believe that the rescindment of DACA doesn’t “hit home” in Sioux City, Iowa.

“Honestly I can’t speak for midwesterners. I haven’t seen much of a reaction either for or against.  Students at the college, at least those I know, seem to care and be mad; but I feel like that’s a pretty common consensus amongst college students.”

Montanez explains that the social climate California is more skittish in regards to the rescindment of DACA.

“Friends and family are jumpy and on edge. We all know someone who is being threatened. People are scared and  mad.  It’s almost like the old west or something.”


CBS news reports that the deadly mass shooting in US History occurred 30 miles outside of San Antonio Texas on Sunday.

26 year old Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire inside Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church killing about 26 people and injuring  20.

Kelly was dressed in all black and tactical gear when he opened fire with an assault rifle.

As he fled the scene a resident confronted and shot Kelly.

Kelly managed to drive away but police officials  found him dead in his vehicle by a self-inflicted  gunshot wound.

for reference  and recored sources

Two years after the the bike brawl in Waco Texas, a trial has begun.

In 2015, 9 people were shot and killed at the Twin Peaks restaurant following an argument between rival motorcycle gangs.

134 people were arrested and charged.

for reference and recorded sources 


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