News Comment Week 11

November 7, 2017

I watched the CNN update via Snapchat. Their headlines stories and condensed and presented broadcast style. This story was about President Donald Trump’s trip to Asia and included Trump’s comments (speech) on the Texas shooting Massacre. Unlike most of his speeches, this snippet of his comments were solemn and refined. Trump said that based on preliminary reports, mental health is the issue. He  reinforced that the massacre was not a gun issue and rather one on mental health.  Trump reinforced his views by saying “We [America] has a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other countries but this isn’t s gun situation.”

In this speech Donald Trump was the  sender, the  message was that the Texas massacre was not a gun control problem but a mental health problem, the audience was America via the press.

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  1.   fuglsang said:

    Week 12? I will get back to this.

  2.   fuglsang said:

    So, the old SMCR post huh? What’s the channel, morning glory?

    Trump can stay on message when he wants to. I just don’t think he sees the value in it.

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