The Morningside College Spanish Club seeks to enlighten individuals around campus of the implications of Differed Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) going away.

Evelyn Hernandez, the president of Spanish club implied that young adults getting deported in the west coast may not be newsworthy to college students in the Midwest.

Hernandez believes it is the duty of the club to bring about awareness. “Our goal is to inform people about DACA and the repercussions’ of the abolishment.”

Veronica Mullen, a member of the Spanish club reinforced Hernandez’ views. “They [the Morningside community] know what DACA stand for but no the details per say. We are definitely trying to raise awareness due to the current political environment and let the community know that we can do something about”

The Spanish club is attempting to create a call to action. The current goal of the club is to get students to contact their senate representative.

Mullen said that, “most students are willing to contact their representatives and let them know the support DACA.”

The rest of the article is pending an interview from Lilian Lopez to provide a more legalistic and activist viewpoint and student Aaron montane who has friends and relatives that are directly affected by DACA.

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