September 26, 2017


Jose Luis Gonzalez is about 5′ 9″. He is of Hispanic decent. Gonzalez has brown eyes and trimmed black hair. He wears black framed squared glasses and has sideburns and with a trimmed beard. His face is rounded and appears ‘friendly.’

Gonzalez is from Santa Anna, Orange County, California. He’s 21 years old and was born in January 1st. Gonzalez usually wears jeans and t-shirts or sweatshirts depending on the weather.


Blueberries are purple, little, squishy balls with a small crown at the top. The outer layer of a blueberry has a flesh like texture. After sinking a tooth (because they are too small to sink more than one tooth) into one, the inside more or less dissolves in your mouth. Blueberries are usually sweet but can sometimes be tart. Blueberries smell earthy when fresh; but has a distinctive sweet like aroma when boiled or baked (jam/pie fillings). It’s almost impossible to describe the smell of blueberries without saying that they smell like blueberries.

Creme de Piroulines are essentially dark chocolate sticks rolled in wafers. They are crunchy and easy to break. They smell like coco and cinnamon. They taste like gelato in waffle cones.

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  1.   fuglsang said:

    Jose’s description is visual. You could discuss his voice, which is barely above a whisper (at least when he talks to me). Good use of sensory detail with the food. There are some things, like the taste of chicken, that seem so universal there is no other way to describe them.

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