Scavenger Hunt draft

September 21, 2017

Pastor Andy Nelson sat in his office. He braced backwards in his chair. His arms were folded over his blue plaid shirt, tucked into his grey dress pants.

“I spend a lot of time wondering if people are listening to me,” Nelson said in response to the three journalism students sitting in his office.

The office smelled of fresh brewed coffee that Pastor Andy Nelson offered with smile. The walls of the campus minister’s office were  decorated with paintings by Helen Levitt.

“They are probably a lot better than anything that I could chose.” Nelson said. He was referring to his inability to decorate walls. Nelson said that he had a few small children. He sad that the art he was used do could be called “uncommissioned, children’s vandalism.”

On theft side of his office was a shelf filled with colorful yarn. Every Tuesday at 12pm, a group of students would casually knit items. They were currently searching for a organization to donate their knitted pieces to. I suggested that the Council on Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence (CSADV) could use scarves and sweaters with the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

Nelson said that his favorite season was winter. He enjoyed  being in jeans and sweatshirts. He was from Minnesota where “the winters were the worst.”

When Professor Dolie Thompson was a kid she had a book that her great aunt wrote in. “Love many, trust few, and always paddle your own canoe.”

That bit of advice stuck with her because it taught her to “think for herself.”


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  1.   fuglsang said:

    3-for-3 on the pastor and I’m only halfway through the class. Are ministers just an easy mark? So, a discussion about the weather and advice? What was the physical object of your search?

  2.   Jesseca said:

    A breath mint/gum and good advice.

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