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August 29, 2017

In 1996 an American air force airman (Thoreson) stationed in Japan became a father for the second time. He named his daughter Sondra.

The Thoreson family returned to the USA in 1999 and settled in California for a bit. Because of her father’s job, Sondra moved around a lot. Sondra believes that not settling down permanently has made her “more mature” than her peers.

Sondra likes books and video games and in May, 2018 she will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a cluster  in Computer Science.  When Sondra began her first year at Morningside College she took Biology and Chemistry in hopes of being a veterinarian. Sondra changed her field of study because her “mind couldn’t wrap around the scientific aspects of biology and chemistry.”

Sondra is a manager for the Morningside Soccer team. This job encompasses social media management and ties into her love of English. Sondra is nervous but excited about graduation and hopes to get into publishing or video game writing. Sondra says that she has always loved to read and one day she would like to write her own novel.

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  1.   fuglsang said:

    Yes, paragraphs! This week we’re starting leads. What you tweeted about this story — Sondra has lived in 7 places in 21 years; she has visited a lot more — has potential as a lead. It gives you a focus, and it gets my attention.

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