In Class Writing (Mall Explosion)

An explosion occurred at Mega City Mall Thursday morning resulting in two fatalities and a number of injuries.


The Mega City Police Department reports that at 9:50 AM an explosion occurred in the mall food court near Dairy Queen. Witnesses report hearing a loud explosion and smoke billowing through the mall. Reilly Mahorn, a nurse, says that she was able to take refuge under a table in Victoria Secret when she saw the smoke approaching. “This is my first time being part of an explosion so I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to make sure both of us were ok and able to get out of the building.”


The explosion occurred before the mall had officially opened. Mall security guard Engels Perez was near the food court at the time of the explosion. “The food court was pretty empty. Everything was quiet until ‘boom!'”


Aleigha Carlson, an off duty police officer was on the other side of the mall when the explosion occurred. As a police officer she decided to take control of the situation. “I ushered people out of the building. I was able to help push a man in a wheelchair out of the mall.”


Those injured have been transferred to various hospitals around Mega City. Hospitals have reported injuries consistent with fire and smoke inhalation. The Mega City Police Department will hold a press conference at a later date to give more information on this story.

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