Over Thanksgiving break, Dylan Ferguson and his mom were browsing the Walmart Black Friday ad. His mom expressed some interest in getting one of the 4K TVs that was on sale. In that moment Dylan decided what he was getting his mom for Christmas.

Black Friday is a shopping day that can strike fear in to the hearts of the most avid shoppers. Customers can brave extreme crowds to get the best deals on some of the hottest gifts for the holiday season. Dylan, who gets very anxious in crowds and always expects the worst to happen, took his chances against the multitude of bargain hunters to pick up the perfect gift for his mom.

At 5:30 on Thanksgiving Day, Dylan took advantage of his families lazy afternoon to sneak off to Walmart to obtain the television. When he arrived he had trouble finding a parking spot. “It was the busiest I have EVER seen Walmart.” The crowds made it difficult for him to get to the electronics section and pick up the gift. He was greeted by shouts from people he knew and even groped by strangers.

Once he finally had the TV in hand he proceeded to the checkout where he was faced with a 45 minute line. When it was finally his turn his card was declined. “Thankfully I just wasn’t paying attention and was trying to use an old gift card, so I was able to check out.” Once he arrived home he couldn’t wait to give the TV to his mom so he decided just to walk in and give it to her. She was very pleased with the gift.

Dylan had to return to Walmart on Friday to pick up some supplies for a recipe his family was making and to his dismay there were still TVs at the sale price available for purchase. He says that even though he could have avoided the holiday crowds he does not regret his decision to shop early. “Whatever I can do to make Mom happy!”

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  1.   fuglsang on December 4th, 2017

    I kind of thought Dylan was a stand-up guy. Here’s the proof. That may not be exactly what you were going for, but the anecdote shows me he will do what needs to be done.

    Good story.

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