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The amount of time you spend on social media may be affecting your psychological state.


According to Psychology Today, studies are finding links between a person’s social media presence and the presence of the traits that make up the Dark Triad. These studies are gaining traction after two men from Ohio threated to open fire on their neighborhood if they received a 100 views on their Periscope live stream.


Social media is conducive for these dark traits because it allows users to control how they present themselves. They are able to communicate with others in selective and deliberate ways. It can drive every decision a person makes in life because they want to get attention and “likes” from their friends.


The studies show that there are specific psychological traits that are present with each social media platform. Users with a higher social media presence are said to have “grandiose exhibitionism.” This can predict how many posts selfies, statuses, and personal information they share; but can also predict how many “friends” they have and how often they accept friend requests from strangers.

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  1.   fuglsang on October 23rd, 2017

    I like the lead and some of the first graf, but then I get hung up on the Drak Triad. Am I supposed to know what that is. Do I have it? Am I sick? Oh my god, I’m going to die aren’t I? (That’s all going through my head.)

    Some rearrangement might help: The lead, then the first sentence of graf 2 w/o Dark Triad (it’s never explained, that I can tell), then graf 3 to explain the connection. Then show me an example. Maybe the Ohio guys (but I’m not sure.)

    Then you to want end with a So What? Why should readers be interested: So if you have Facebook friends who do X Y And Z, you might want to be careful.

    ** I just looked up dark triad, and I don’t think I’m the only one who doesn’t know what that is (but now I do).

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