News Review for 11/10


I am entirely confused about how someone could steal almost 300k and get away with it for so long! It seems to me that usually people that go to work for hospitals and pharamacys are people who are genuinely interested in helping people, and aren’t the kind of people who would lie and steal. I think this article is newsworthy because it informed the public about what was going on, and let people know the consequences of the actions. I think the RCJ does a good job of keeping readers updated about what is going on not only in Rapid City, but also informed of what is going on in the small towns throughout SD.

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  1.   fuglsang Said:

    on November 10, 2009 at 1:16 pm

    This wasn’t a lead story, but I did catch it on the nightly news. I still have my same question: If they’re underwater in the car, did they attempt to get out and swim to the surface? If not, why? Such a strange way to die.

    The Dakotas, because they are somewhat isolated and lightly populated are rarely the focus of national news. Iowa, Nebraska, and to some extent Minnesota get similar treatment. Most national media are headquartered in larger cities, and to send media crews out to cover stories like these is expensive. Always cheaper and easier to cover what’s going on in major cities.

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