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I was reading the online RCJ this morning and after reading this article, I decided I would like to do a news review. Mostly because I think it is so mean that they didn’t just release the mountain lion back into the Black Hills. I don’t like that the article didn’t even say anything about an option of releasing the animal. I would have liked to have seen a little more compassion/sympathy for the animal. I think the article is very newsworthy, seeing as people need to know when there is a mountain lion seen in their neighborhood so they can keep a look out for them. I thought it was cool they got a picture of the mountain lion.

News Review for 11/17

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I don’t understand how anyone could even think about hurting a baby. I think it is absolutely horrible that McGeHee did this. I think the story is very newsworthy, but I wish the article would have contained a little more information. Like maybe where the dad was when the mother returned home? Or if there had been any previous abuse? I am also curious about why authorities wouldn’t say the sex of the baby.

News Review :)

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This story was covered on on November 4th.  I had actually not heard about this before I read it today. I didn’t hear about it through word of mouth, or on the news.  I think this is something that is definitely newsworthy. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about the death of these 3 college students. What a total freak accident! Driving into a pond while stargazing on private property? That is one of the saddest things I have ever heard. I think the article does a great job of describing what happened with the information they have been provided thus far in the case. They also inform readers that the autopsy will determine if alcohol/drugs were a factor, and that they vehicle is going to be examined to see if it had malfunctioned or not. Even though this wasn’t a local story, I am glad that the RCJ covered it.

News Review for 11/10


I am entirely confused about how someone could steal almost 300k and get away with it for so long! It seems to me that usually people that go to work for hospitals and pharamacys are people who are genuinely interested in helping people, and aren’t the kind of people who would lie and steal. I think this article is newsworthy because it informed the public about what was going on, and let people know the consequences of the actions. I think the RCJ does a good job of keeping readers updated about what is going on not only in Rapid City, but also informed of what is going on in the small towns throughout SD.

News Review for 11/3

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This article is actually from October 27th, but I found it incredibly interesting and newsworthy that I wanted to do it for a news review. I felt that the most interesting part of the artcile was the bit about paypal. I wasn’t aware that paypal would have such strict guidelines about who can/can’t use it, or what it can be used for. I also found it interesting that certain items from ebay can’t be shipped to Germany or France because of their ban on Nazi memorabilia.

I checked out the site, and I honestly don’t have a problem with it. I think that it seems like the majority of the people that are buying the memorabilia are using it for educational purposes, or for personal collections because of an interest in the era. Not that my personal opinion on this matters that much for a news review, but I do think this article was newsworthy. It was an interesting, local story and was also informative.