I watched a video on MSN on a 20 ft. shark that nearly bit another 10 ft. shark in half. The video showed people playing swimming in the same water that the shark attack took place in. I think that it made it more interesting that the video could put the shark into perspective and show pictures of the shark bites, and the shark’s size.  I also read an article on this shark attack, and it actually included a lot of the same information. They both included that large sharks can feed on other sharks, and they both compared the size of the shark to the one in Jaws.  The video was more interesting because it interviewed people on the beach and what they thought about the attack, and it just made it more real.


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  1.   fuglsang Said:

    on November 10, 2009 at 1:22 pm

    I couldn’t open the video. It’s always so helpful when the media throw the word “monster” in front of something. Scared much now?

    The smaller shark was at something of a disadvantage since it was on a hook and couldn’t get away. Did the video report mention that?

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