Dave Madsen

Dave Madsen, 55, is now that head of the Department of Mass Communications at Morningside College.

Previously, Madsen worked at KTIV for 29 years and was the production manager for four of those years. Madsen said that in those 29 years he did almost every job there was to be done at KTIV. After dedicating almost 30 years to the station, in 2008, Madsen’s job was eliminated due to a rough time the media company was having. After leaving KTIV, a few people got in contact with Madsen and told him he needed to get in touch with President Reinders. After doing so, he was offered the head of the Department of Mass Communcations job.

Before working at KTIV, Madsen worked at KETV and KMEG. He grew up in Omaha and graduated from UNL in Lincoln, NE. He thought for sure he was going to go to school for chemistry and journalism, but ended up with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in broadcasting.

Now that Madsen is working at Morningside College, he will be teaching classes, budgeting and making schedules of who will teach what class, and when they will be teaching it. He said that since he is still new here at MC, he relies on his colleagues quite a bit. After Madsen gets more aquainted with his new position, he plans on making sure we have the best possible program at Morningside for Mass Communcations students.

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