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I watched a video on MSN on a 20 ft. shark that nearly bit another 10 ft. shark in half. The video showed people playing swimming in the same water that the shark attack took place in. I think that it made it more interesting that the video could put the shark into perspective and show pictures of the shark bites, and the shark’s size.  I also read an article on this shark attack, and it actually included a lot of the same information. They both included that large sharks can feed on other sharks, and they both compared the size of the shark to the one in Jaws.  The video was more interesting because it interviewed people on the beach and what they thought about the attack, and it just made it more real.


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The article I chose for this weeks news review is a story that has been covered in the Rapid City Journal for quite some time. I think keeping readers updated on a story is very important, and makes this article newsworthy. The original story was definitely something that needed to be covered also. It is ridiculous that the older brother set his house on fire and killed his little brother and sister, and is now spending his life in prison. It is evident that there were problems in the household long before the fire. I am a little confused about whether the abuse chargers are about the kids that died in the fire or not. I think the article could have clarified a little more.

News Review for 10/19

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I think this article is very newsworthy. I could not believe that this man only got 48 months in prison… for ROBBING A BANK! That is outrageous. I think that is what makes this newsworthy! I would have thought this man would have gotten a lot more time. The judicial system is all sorts of messed up these days. I think it is odd they included his state of health.

Dave Madsen

Dave Madsen, 55, is now that head of the Department of Mass Communications at Morningside College.

Previously, Madsen worked at KTIV for 29 years and was the production manager for four of those years. Madsen said that in those 29 years he did almost every job there was to be done at KTIV. After dedicating almost 30 years to the station, in 2008, Madsen’s job was eliminated due to a rough time the media company was having. After leaving KTIV, a few people got in contact with Madsen and told him he needed to get in touch with President Reinders. After doing so, he was offered the head of the Department of Mass Communcations job.

Before working at KTIV, Madsen worked at KETV and KMEG. He grew up in Omaha and graduated from UNL in Lincoln, NE. He thought for sure he was going to go to school for chemistry and journalism, but ended up with a degree in Journalism with an emphasis in broadcasting.

Now that Madsen is working at Morningside College, he will be teaching classes, budgeting and making schedules of who will teach what class, and when they will be teaching it. He said that since he is still new here at MC, he relies on his colleagues quite a bit. After Madsen gets more aquainted with his new position, he plans on making sure we have the best possible program at Morningside for Mass Communcations students.

News Review for 10/13

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This article appeared in the Rapid City Journal. The bison in this story are located in the Black Hills which is right in Rapid City’s backyard. I think this article/story is definitely newsworthy. From my experience, west river South Dakotians have a strange sort of pride in things in the Black Hills, including the bison, so they are always interested in how they are doing. I think the validity of this article is made very clear in this quote from the article: “The scarcity of bison without cattle ancestry leads some to argue that wild, apparently pureblood bison could qualify as an endangered species.” I think that the people involved in this study seemed very concerned and are doing a thorough job, seeing as they are testing a large amount of bison and want to test them annually.

News Review #5

This article is not only newsworthy, it is seriously gross. I don’t think that this article is something people NEED to know, but it definitely should have been covered. I really like how it shows how the smell affected everyone in this small town. I think this is a human interest story because it shows that the people got together and did something about the situation as a team.