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5 sets of twins in ONE kindergarten class? Sounds newsworthy to me. Not so much that it is breaking news and needs to be delivered to people ASAP, but in my opinion, it is a real human interest story.

Sturgis is just about 30 miles away from Rapid City. The Rapid City Journal often includes news about Sturgis in their newspaper because the sports teams compete, a lot of people commute for school and work back and forth, etc. Not only do I think this item is newsworthy, but I think the information they provided made it very interesting. I think it is unique to have so many sets of twins in one grade at a small school. I also thought it was interesting that the parents decided to split most of the pairs up between different teachers.

News Article #3

I feel like this article and story is definitely newsworthy, but it leaves out a lot of information that I would like to know. For example, it doesn’t say whether or not the child was injured in the vehicle accident. The reason this story made news in the first place was because the child was in the car while the father was drunk driving, and I think they should have talked a little more about his well-being after the accident.  I like how this article brings attention to the huge issue of drunk driving and with the fine and prison sentencing, it will deter people from drunk driving.


A girl with blonde hair just past her shoulders is walking by at a moderate pace. Her backpack is blue and black. She is wearing light colored blue jeans and a white shirt that hangs loosely on her frame. She is walking with another girl who is about a foot shorter than her and has no backpack. They are talking about soccer games that took place yesterday. I am looking towards Lewis Hall and the library. The green grass is being mowed and the noise it is making gets louder and softer as it goes back and forth across the lawn.

News Review #2

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The story I picked out for this week involves the Humane Society of the Black Hills. Problems at this establishment started over a year ago, and the RCJ has continuted to keep the people of Rapid City updated with what has been going on there. The article briefly reviews the problems they had been having and then discusses the steps the Humane Society and the board of directors plan on taking to solve the problems. At the bottom of the article it had a date by date calendar of events and changes that have taken place and I think this was a very good addition for the readers.

News Review

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The Rapid City Journal covered a story about an attempted murder. It described the fight between two Ellsworth Air Force members in the right amount of detail. It gave the most important information first, and kept the article clear and concise. Ellsworth Air Force base is just a few minutes away from Rapid City, so the story was appropriate for the RCJ. It was important for the people of Rapid City to know that the man responsible for the shooting on Sunday had been arrested and was in custody by Tuesday.