Couple Shooting (Broadcast)

October 30, 2012

Saturday, a domestic scuffle resulted in the shooting of Laurette Kenny Brunson. Richard Brunson, 50, shot his wife on the day of their wedding. The bride has three children, who were in the house at the time of the shooting. A neighbor describes the events at the time of the incident- WCorse.

The groom fled the scene of the crime. Another neighbor gives a description of the man-MCorse. His whereabouts are currently unknown. Laurette Brunson is now at the hospital in satisfactory conditions, but refuses to talk to the media.

Pink In The Rink! 10/25/12

October 25, 2012

Pink in the Rink

I love this story! Mostly because I strongly support cancer awareness of all kinds. Cancer awareness hits close to home for me. This is a great, newsworthy story. Its the kind of story that is inspirational, involves a lot of people and for a good cause. The writer has a good use of quotes by the “main character.” The information is well spread out through the story; he uses the upside down pyramid well.

This is also a good broadcast story. It would be easy to summarize for radio (etc..). It can be short and clean cut. The material is easy to understand for people who have never heard about it, as well.

Face Tattoo

When I first saw the title I could not believe it. This is definantly news worthy, one because it’s not normal, and two because it’s so entertaining to others. Who in their right mind puts a tattoo advertisement on their forehead! That is going to be there for life. Despite the fact she says she doesn’t regret it- she will.

I thought it was hilarious that she did it for only $10,000, for her son’s school. Mostly because I got about that much in scholarship money! If I were her, I wouldn’t get a stupid tattoo and set a bad example for my son. I would teach him how to work hard and earn money, like scholarships. That would give him something to focus on, rather then the negativity going on in his life.

As a side note, the way the article was set up was very overwhelming. There were no paragraphs to separate text and a lot of information was mashed all together.

Daytime In No Time- 10\4\12

October 3, 2012

Daytime In No Time

I found something a little different this week. This was a video news article\interview, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I understand the idea is to cover a lot of things in a short amount of time. However, there was lots of pointless content. This made it really confusing.

At first, it’s hard to figure out who the host of the video is. Then when you do, it’s not even the person who was talking the most.

As for the the actual news parts; The handbag is ridiculous! Who in their right mind would want that? Like they said on the video, “A small child could fit in that.”  Nicki and Mariah need to grow up. They are like 30+ years old and  arguing like children, on a highly watched, public T.V. show.

Unfortunately, this is probably news worthy because people love gossip and fashion. That doesn’t keep it from being dumb. I hate the way this article\interview was put together. It took way too long to get to the point of the story too.

Pets Over People- 9\27\12

September 26, 2012

Pets Over People

I admit, this article was very cute with the bond between owner and dog. However, how far is too far, when it comes to animals? Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of things I’d do to keep my pet in good health for as long as possible, but asking for donations from other people seems a little far fetched. I quote from the article, “Because of the public’s generosity, Schoep has been getting expensive joint laser treatments to reduce pain and swelling related to arthritis.” This is ridiculous!

People in our country are living off food stamps wether they are really in need of them or not. Yet, they felt the need to start a foundation to support low-income families’ pets. Pets are great companions and nice to have around but they cost money, and lots of it. If you are a low income family why should I donate money to help take care of your pet, when there is a high chance you don’t even have the money to take care of yourself and family. This is why I ask, “How far is too far?”

On a more journalistic note, this article as well has a good lead and unfortunately is newsworthy because it’s heartwarming. Is it ridiculous? Yes. But that’s people for you.

Photo Challenge-Half Done!

September 23, 2012

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DAY 11: Something Old, Something New

DAY 14: Animal (Half wolf & Half German Shepherd dog. 4-6 months old.)

DAY 16: Reflection

DAY 20: Something Green

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Interview A Stranger

September 20, 2012

Looking around for someone to interview, I decided to go down to Eppley. Students there are usually outgoing and willing to talk to anyone. Walking in the basement there was a young lady sitting on the chairs just outside the gallery. I walk up and excitingly say, “Hello, perfect stranger!” A young girl, with long brown hair, smiles back at me as I sit beside her. I asked if she would spare a couple minutes to chat with me. Puzzled, she looks and me and says, “Yes, is this a survey?” I explain that, no this is not a survey, but I’m looking for someone to tell me their best knock-knock joke.

She laughs and I ask jokingly, “But first, just to be creepy, can I ask your first and last name?” She gladly replies, “Emily Deming, D-E-M-I-N-G.” I go on and have her tell me her best knock-knock joke. Emily laughs and begins, “Knock-knock.”

Myself: “Who’s there?”

Emily: “To.”

Myself: “To who?”

Emily: “To whom.”

I give a chuckle, and she openly admits that she has a passion for english. I ask, “So, are you an english major?” She tells me she loves english but has currently declared herself as a music education major. Emily goes on to say she is only a freshman and I tell her, “Well you have plenty of time to change your mind then.” I thank her for her time and wish her luck with all her homework she was working on.

Wild Ride- 9\20\12

September 19, 2012

Amusement Ride Gone Haywire

I thought that this was a bit of a crazy story. This is defiantly news worthy since it involves lots of people. Not to mention, it isn’t often (fortunately) that amusement rides go haywire like that.

Another thing I liked about the article was the lead. The journalist of course didn’t have to try too hard to get people to read. However, the lead was short and to the point. It kept people, including myself, intrigued enough to want to know more.

After the main points, I liked that it became very informative; which is how journalism is suppose to work, with the inverted pyramid. The fact they had a picture was also nice, too. This gives people an idea of the dangers and the extremities of the malfunction.

People of Walmart

September 18, 2012

Many people have visited the website, People of Walmart. No matter how often I look at it, it still puts me in shock at the things people do and wear. Today, I just wanted to share my Walmart experience.

Now if you haven’t noticed already, this girl has hot pink pants on with a hole in the knee. However, look a bit closer. She is also walking around with NO shoes on! Apparently the rule, “no shoes, no shirt, no service,” does not apply to her.

Both her, her dad, my friend and I were doing the “zig zag” thing through all the grocery isles. It wasn’t until half way through the grocery section that I noticed. She was acting like “hot stuff” since there was a cute guy in a few of the isles with us too. Then I looked down. My first thought is, “That is absolutely disgusting.” Who in their right mind even feels comfortable walking around a store like that? I feel awkward when I’m in a SHOE STORE walking around with one shoe on and one shoe off.

I’m sorry hot-pink-pants girl, this is trashy and gross. If that cute guy did notice you, he was defiantly turned him off with your fashion statement. I have a very hard time believing you do not have a single pair of shoes to put on at this moment. Congratulations though, you have officially made the People of Walmart!!


Self Critique

September 13, 2012

I know often times I have to watch for run on sentences. My thoughts get long and sometimes that problem leads to grammar issues as well. Basically, I have to read through a post several times to make sure there are no added words I don’t need.

Also, I’m constantly wanting to be creative which can lead me off topic as well. Once again, I just have to go through and remove things from places they don’t belong. As for journalistic writing, I need to improve putting things in order of most important to least important. When I first start to write I think of introduction first (overview of what I’m talking about) and then everything else. This is because I’m use to writing speeches and essays.