Feature Story- First Draft

December 6, 2012

When you think of an artist, people come to many different conclusions to what an artist is. Some visualize a broke, hippy, getting in touch with their inner feelings and putting it on a canvas. Others think of fine wine, and arrogant artists in a New York City gallery. However, an artist does not have to be either or. At least not for Shea Hartman-Hodges.


Shea is a 32-year old artist, who not only has studied fine art, but has been working as an artist for the last couple years. “There are many struggles with being an artist, especially a painter,” Hodges says, but still she feels it is an amazing career.


Even with the difficulties, Shea still manages to do her artwork, work a second job and raise her family. She feels it’s a constant balancing act, “You want to produce as much art as possible to sell, but you still need a steady income. That’s where bartending comes in for me,” she says.

4 Responses to “Feature Story- First Draft”

  1.   Kelsey said:

    I think you have a good start, but somehow I think you need more information. I am not really sure what the story is about. But you have a good start. 🙂

  2.   Hannah said:

    I really like the lede! It’s a good way to show the contrast between your subject and the stereotypes that people have. I would reword the first sentence though to say: “Many people have different ideas of what an artist should look like” or “When you hear the word ‘artist,’ what comes to mind? A broke hippy, getting in touch…? An arrogant artist drinking fine wine in a New York gallery?”
    I’m really interested to read about this person.

  3.   Lauren said:

    Very nice start! In my experience artist are very interesting people! I think this will be a great paper.

  4.   fuglsang said:

    Kelsey and Hannah make some good observations. I’m not quite sure what the story is yet either. My sense is it’s about the “struggle” to be an artist while also having to hold down a paying job. That’s a story. But you need to introduce the struggle, show me examples of it in her life (spending money on paint and canvas rather than gas and groceries, maybe). SHow me the balance. Let her explain it, again using examples. (Sketching at the bar?)