New Laws for Technology

This was an interesting article for the week. There is a new law that for law enforcement to look into technology based information (i.e. social media profiles, the cloud, phones and other electronic devices) they must now have a warrant from a judge to do so. It’s odd that this law wasn’t passed before.

I feel like now that this is being passed, maybe citizens weren’t really getting the privacy we deserve in previous years. I think this new “rule” will be beneficial in giving U.S. citizens more privacy. I also agree that this will not hinder law enforcement in doing their job. They are required to have warrants for everything else- why not this? I would say this is a newsworthy story that many people would be interested in.

One Response to “How Far Does Freedom Go?- 11/29/12”

  1.   fuglsang said:

    Interesting. It will be challenged. It seems to me if people publicize something, an officer shouldn’t have to get permission to look at it.