Three Stories

November 8, 2012

ME: In today’s news Hurricane Sandy has given the East Coast quite a shock. Here is (name) with the story.


NAME: Thanks Jen,


Fierce floods and 80 mile per hour winds, hit the East Coast on Monday. Even though it was weakened, Hurricane Sandy still gave New Jersey a punch. By Tuesday, the rainfall was slowing and the storm was now a post-tropical cyclone. As a result, from the storm at least 16 people across the East Coast are dead.


Atlantic City and Lower Manhattan are just a few places the storm has caused damage. The streets were flooded into rivers 13 feet deep. Much of Manhattan’s skyline power faded. At the end of Tuesday, still most places were unsafe to travel and interstates were reduced to 45 miles per hour.



ME: Thank you Jane. Recently Siouxlanders came together for the annual event, Pink in the Rink.  (Name) has more on the event.


NAME: Thanks Jen,


Sioux City’s Pink in the Rink was a big success for Breast Cancer Awareness. On Saturday, the Sioux City Musketeers wore pink for the fifth year in a row. The event rose up to forty seven thousand dollars for St Lukes’ imaging and breast screening center.


Over thirty-eight hundred people showed up at the Tyson Event Center for the event. Each ticket generated three dollars towards the cause. To keep the support going, t-shirts and pink ducks were sold at the game as well.


ME: This year’s election has brought up strong feelings for student voters. Sioux City students had a chance to vote early and many for the first time. Here is (name) with more to the story.


NAME: Thanks Jen,


Early voting came even quicker for college students in Sioux City. Students came from every secondary school to cast their vote. (Name), a student from Morningside, casted her vote and says, “blah blah blah.”

Many students were voting for the first time. Some feel that there is a lot of pressure with the election being a close one this year. A student from WITT, (Name), says, “blah blah blah.”



(I need to do some interviews, so that is why I have “blah blah blah” and (Name)).

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  1.   fuglsang said:

    Are you only using recorded quotes for the third story? I would think you could find somebody to speak to pink in the rink. With the storm story, try to update it as best you can. The death toll is somewhere around 100. Note whether the power is back on to the majority of people.