Face Tattoo

When I first saw the title I could not believe it. This is definantly news worthy, one because it’s not normal, and two because it’s so entertaining to others. Who in their right mind puts a tattoo advertisement on their forehead! That is going to be there for life. Despite the fact she says she doesn’t regret it- she will.

I thought it was hilarious that she did it for only $10,000, for her son’s school. Mostly because I got about that much in scholarship money! If I were her, I wouldn’t get a stupid tattoo and set a bad example for my son. I would teach him how to work hard and earn money, like scholarships. That would give him something to focus on, rather then the negativity going on in his life.

As a side note, the way the article was set up was very overwhelming. There were no paragraphs to separate text and a lot of information was mashed all together.

One Response to “Idiot Tattoos Her Face- 10\11\12”

  1.   fuglsang said:

    The Deseret News doesn’t believe in paragraphs? To its credit, the writer does semme skeptical of this woman’s motives.