Interview A Stranger

September 20, 2012

Looking around for someone to interview, I decided to go down to Eppley. Students there are usually outgoing and willing to talk to anyone. Walking in the basement there was a young lady sitting on the chairs just outside the gallery. I walk up and excitingly say, “Hello, perfect stranger!” A young girl, with long brown hair, smiles back at me as I sit beside her. I asked if she would spare a couple minutes to chat with me. Puzzled, she looks and me and says, “Yes, is this a survey?” I explain that, no this is not a survey, but I’m looking for someone to tell me their best knock-knock joke.

She laughs and I ask jokingly, “But first, just to be creepy, can I ask your first and last name?” She gladly replies, “Emily Deming, D-E-M-I-N-G.” I go on and have her tell me her best knock-knock joke. Emily laughs and begins, “Knock-knock.”

Myself: “Who’s there?”

Emily: “To.”

Myself: “To who?”

Emily: “To whom.”

I give a chuckle, and she openly admits that she has a passion for english. I ask, “So, are you an english major?” She tells me she loves english but has currently declared herself as a music education major. Emily goes on to say she is only a freshman and I tell her, “Well you have plenty of time to change your mind then.” I thank her for her time and wish her luck with all her homework she was working on.

One Response to “Interview A Stranger”

  1.   fuglsang said:

    Nicely done, Jen. Just what I had in mind. And a pretty good joke.