Room Description- Final Draft

September 10, 2012

I always walk in approximately at noon. The place is packed at this time, which bothers me, because I feel like a herd of animals at the trough. It always seems people are staring, mostly because everyone likes to see if they know the person walking in. I know this, because I do the exact same thing. Sleek wooden chairs surround all the tables and are often hard to maneuver through because Bucks is so busy.

There are a set of tables and chairs that I call an island. They stand alone in the middle of the room for people who want to be undisturbed to study, watch shows or eat lunch. That is my spot. The chairs at the island are much to tall for me to reach. I stand on my tiptoes in order to get on one. As I unpack my things, my computer, iPad and books, the aroma of fried goods fills the room.

It is very loud, which sometimes makes it hard to study when I have homework like today. However, it’s nice to be able to have a study area and someone who isn’t me to make lunch, all in one convenient spot. TV’s are on at a low volume, because there is music playing on the speakers when they are not calling people to the window for their food. They are playing all the current hits on the radio, which makes it hard to not sing along. I carefully take my tangled, white headphones out so I can begin to tune out the world.

Since its lunchtime, the line to order food is long. When it finally shortens up, it’s time for me to decide on something to eat. Once again, I must wonder around the mess of chairs and people. On my way, I faintly here someone calling, “Hey Jen!” I slowly turn around in the doorway of the little closed off room, where students go in to talk to the cashier. It’s my friend Emily. We chat briefly about life, school and work but quickly continue on to our own routines. When I reach the counter to order, the cashier seems nervous. More than likely, she is new because I have not seen her working here before. She is young, blonde-haired and wearing a little paper hat that all the café workers are wearing.

Finally, I get back to my seat and start to look at my homework. There is a table of four, with a few upper classmen boys. They appear to be part of one of Morningside’s many athletic teams. All of them are wearing cutoffs and gym shorts, while chatting excitedly about game scores, plays and upcoming events. I usually tend to tune those types of conversations out.

A few tables over is a much larger group of very studious looking people. A few professors and advisors are also sitting at the table with folders. This for sure is some type of meeting. All the students are engaged in the conversation, chatting about different promotional ideas for the group. Once again, I only listen to them briefly and return to my own studies.

Before I know it, it is already 1:30 p.m., and it’s time to head to my class. I slide off the tall chair and begin to gather my things, placing them in their proper spots of my book bag. About that time, I always run into one of my guy-friends, who I walk to class with after my eventful time at Bucks.

One Response to “Room Description- Final Draft”

  1.   fuglsang said:

    This is pretty cool, Jen, but it’s more a description of a moment than of a place. My favorite sentence is, “it’s nice to be able to have a study area and someone who isn’t me to make lunch.” My comment for most everyone has been to work on establishing a theme. I think for you that means using the good objective description you already have to establish why this is a “favorite” place, why this is “your spot.” It may just be a matter of introducing a bit more subjectivity, personal reactions, to show how this spot is special.

    Hey, I didn’t say it was easy.

    You have a bit of proofreading to do: spelling, punctuation, etc. Look specifically at comma splices.

    A very nice start.