Gravestone Technology

I actually found this article late last week, but decided to save it for my news comment this week. Like it says in the article, some people may find this addition great, while others will hate it. I for one think this is just a little too far and maybe slightly tacky? Though graveyards have an appeal all there own, I still feel that they are peaceful. A place where your loved ones are laid to rest.

I don’t know about most people, but I for one do not want to stand in a graveyard with my tablet or smartphone to read about someone’s life. Most people who visit grave sites are there to grieve, place memorials or just to “visit” their past loved one. If I’m going to hear about a person’s life and information, I want to be discussing those good times and bad times with family and friends. If you’re just there to creep on people you don’t know, just Google their name at home. Its easier and less creepy.

One Response to “Got a Gravestone? There’s an app for that…9\13\12”

  1.   fuglsang said:

    People creeping on others was my first thought as well, Jen. And what if someone decides they want rock music to accompany their obit info? There goes your quiet and peaceful.

    Consider why this is news. Tech news, especially regarding new uses for apps and smart phones, is “hot” now. Does the news inform people? Scare them? Upset them? Inspire them? What is the role of news stories about cutting edge tech?