Scientology 9\6\12

September 6, 2012

Nicole Kidman & Scientology

First of all, I think that scientology is kind of an odd religion. No religion should break up a family by forcing children to reject one of their parents. I feel very sad that it not only happened to Katie Holmes but also Nicole Kidman. I wonder if she saw it coming after Katie.

The fact that he auditioned for wives just seems ridiculous to me! No relationship or marriage should be based on an “interview.” This was a very newsworthy article because it involved religion and a celebrity. Two very hard hitting points in media. At the same time, I feel bad these two women have to have such personal parts of their life in the media when they are probably both grieving over their tough situations.

One Response to “Scientology 9\6\12”

  1.   fuglsang said:

    I’m not sure I’d call scientology a religion, even though it is recognized as such by the government. From what I can tell, it’s more about self-actualization, becoming a better more spiritual person through the power of individual will.

    It’s also a very secretive religion, which is why stories about its inner workings get media notice.

    You might notice this is a story about a story in Vanity Fair. I would be willing to bet the scientology part of the VF story is small — Kidman probably chooses not to make a big deal about it — but because people want to know, that content is singled out and expanded in this story.