Bright Pink Thongs

August 28, 2012

Good afternoon bloggers!

I have a bit of a feminist rant today. I live off campus, so as I’m on my way to class this morning, I happen to be walking with some girls I don’t know, that I assume to be freshman or sophomores. As we are going along, I happen to notice that, “Holy crap…I can see through this girl’s shorts.” Now when I say ‘see-through,’ I do not imply that they are just thin or light colored material, but literally lace\crochet, see-through shorts. To top it all off, she has a hot pink thong underneath them. Classy. (Please note the sarcasm!)

Now, very clearly she is aware her shorts are see-through and more than likely she purposely put on a bright pink thong, as well. This is not a mistake made due to being rushed in the morning or poor lighting. As I said before I do not know this person, and she could very well be a nice girl but no one, from first impressions today, will ever know that. Why? Unfortunately, she now falls into my generalization that when girls purposely dress this way, it is obvious she only has one goal on her to-do-list: Be A Sex Object.

So, ‘Shorts Girl’ and girls all over the world, when you dress this way, hear me when I say, “NO ONE IS TAKING YOU SERIOUSLY!” In fact, no one is even looking at your face to PRETEND that they are taking you seriously. I suppose my point is this, “The way you dress, especially if you’re new to a place, is a huge first impressions factor. When your in an environment where you want people to listen to you and take you seriously, then dial the sex kitten knob down a few notches. There is a time and place to dress sexy and also a good and bad way to to do it. However, if your going to class, no one needs to see your business or your bright pink thong!”



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