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Alex Watters, career development specialist for Morningside college and a Sioux City council member came to visit the news writing class today to be the practice interview subject for the students. Watters has been involved in many different things around Sioux City including Barak Obamas re-election campaign, many large speaking engagements, and a variety of other impressive accolades. Despite being outrageously busy, he remains a shining light of positivity around the college campus. Out of all the students and employees, he seems to stand out from the crowd. 

            No matter who you ask, Alex is loved by all the mustangs. Whether students are studying in the library or rushing to class, it is always a pleasant surprise when Alex Watters wheels by and says hello. As a Career Development Specialist, he knows many of the students on a first-name basis, which, considering his hectic schedule is quite impressive. “I have a lot going on, but my priority is Morningside” he explained. “When I go to city hall meetings I have Morningside and how to get things to Morningside in mind”. Watters is responsible for getting dozens of speakers and events on campus each school year. 

            The conversation lasted for quite some time as Alex told the class about his life, growing up in Okoboji, stories from college, hobbies, life goals, and memories from his work career. Then he decided to give the group some words for motivation. “We all have the same time in the day. You control your destiny”. He went on to say “you guys have no idea the advantage you have. If you are in this college right now, the sky is the limit for you”. It is clear that he has good life experiences to share with the young students of Morningside. If you ever get the chance to have a conversation with Alex Watters take advantage of it and you might just learn a thing or two.   

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