Attending college is a decision that can affect anybody’s life in a positive way. College can be a great tool to further a career, or to start a career. While enrolled, people have the opportunity to learn multiple different skill sets that they will be able to execute for the rest of their adult lives. 

Nonetheless, college is not for everyone. Yet, today everyone seems to believe that higher education is a necessity to be a successful adult.  

In a story written about a study done in June of last year, CNBC reported that less than half of college graduates get a job related to their major. Furthermore, it was found that more than forty percent of college graduates take a job that does not require a college degree. 

This means that over forty percent of all the people with a degree in America attended college for no reason. 

The rising cost of college is obviously a compilation of a multitude of things ranging from price inflation, to the insanely high demand for schooling today. Yet, costs have gone much higher than what seems to be reasonable to an average citizen.

 The Patriot Post reads; “As measured by the Consumer Price Index, the cost of college since 1985 has increased at nearly quadruple the rate of inflation. In a single decade from 2007 to 2017, college tuition skyrocketed 63%, school housing 51%, and textbooks 88%”. 

The drastic rise in the cost of college makes sense because of the immense pressure that young people in America have to get a college degree. In many cases this pressure is passed to the younger generations by their parents, who believe that if their child does not get a college degree they will fail in life. 

In some cases, this is a serious issue, but it seems that there are not many people who speak out about it, but there are some people who have taken notice. 

Mike Rowe, who hosted the popular TV show “Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe”, had this to say “Seven million jobs are available now; most of them don’t require a four-year degree,” he stated. “They require training. And yet we’re obsessed, not really with education, you know.”

Rowe went on to explain “What we are obsessed with is credentialing. And so, people are buying diplomas. And they’re buying their degrees. It’s a diploma dilemma, honestly. It’s expensive. It is getting worse. It’s not just the kids holding the note. It is us.” 

“Us” in this instance, is referring to the average tax paying in American.  

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