A man from Odessa Texas was fired from his job on Saturday and did not take it well. After losing his job he decided to drive down the road and start to randomly shoot at pedestrians, killing seven innocent people. Shortly after the man was shot and killed by authorities. I hate reading about things like this because people weren’t taught the value of human life. Most of us as children were taught that everybody matters and deserves to be happy, but some people did not get the memo. There is absolutely no excuse to take another human’s life in a situation like this. In my opinion, the people who are committing these horrific acts were not raised right, and don’t know what it is like to have repercussions for their actions. I have no sympathy for this man being killed in this interaction with the police. anybody who has no problem killing innocent Americans should have no problem getting the same consequences brought upon them.

Here is a link to the article written by Fox News:


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