El Tapatio

We got the chance to try some Mexican food today. We went to El Tapatio which is located Gordon drive. This would be the first time I have ate at this wonderful Mexican restaurant. We started are meal off with some salsa and cheese dip. This was a great snack while we looked over the menu. The waitress we had did her best to keep up with the busy lunch crowd. She fell a little behind on refilling are chip basket and are drinks. That was fine with me but I’m sure some would not approve of it.


After looking the menu over, I decided to get the chicken quesedilla. This lunch dish came with a side of beans and rice. This seemed like a common meal that was ordered. I wanted to see how authentic they made there food. They did not disappoint with the quesedilla. It had great flavor to go along with delicious beans and rice to top it off. The quesedilla was packed with chicken that tasted fresh. I was impressed with how fast the food came out also. It was fresh and hot as well.

Overall, I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a nice Mexican meal. It was fresh and delicious. They had nice drink deals that happen daily to keep the customers happy. They had nice sized margaritas for a reasonable price. I would also recommend this place to anyone who wants to have a few drinks with some friends. The food and service exceeded my expectations and I could see myself going back again real soon.