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“Would you like a cup of zuppa Toscana or chicken and dumpling soup?” asked a friendly face serving soup into small Styrofoam cups for a nominal fee.  That friendly face belonged to the president of Morningside College’s chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, Danielle Dahlkotter.

Sigma Tau Delta (STD) is an international honor society founded in 1924, which confers distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate and professional studies.  They also provide cultural stimulation on college campuses and promote interest in literature in surrounding communities, as well as, foster all aspects of the discipline of English.

“So, what does soup have to do with all of this?” one might ask.  This past Wednesday on December 5, 2012 was the Cup Of Soup For You fundraiser event held on campus sponsored by STD.  This special event held several times throughout the year in the main lobby of Lewis Hall supplies a plethora of great tasting soups.

The selections of soup were zuppa Toscana, chicken and dumpling, broccoli and cheese, chicken tortilla, and chili, alongside breadsticks and cinnamon buns.  Each pot of soup was homemade by active members of STD or on occasion donated by friends of the English Department.

“This is our original fundraising event, held a few times throughout the year, most departments have a bake sale or sell t-shirts, but we have the tradition of selling soup,” explained Dahlkotter.

The money raised goes towards helping students go to an annual STD international conference where students and professors can share their past years work amongst English enthusiasts

“It is also is a fun opportunity to travel! Last year’s conference was held in New Orleans.”

This year the STD conference is going to be held in Portland, Oregon.  The Morningside chapter of STD will be taking at least 5 people who all have submitted papers intending on presenting work at the conference.  In January they will find out whether or not they might have the opportunity of being selected to present.


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6 Responses to “first draft”

  1. What if you were talk to Dani and ask her about her experience with STD and what goes on at the conferences. Ask about the time in New Orleans. Expand a bit more and I think that you’ll be golden.

  2. I liked your lead. What if you started it out with a story or something that draws the reader in but then is different than what your story is about? Maybe a contrasting lead would be more intriguing. Has this group faced any problems yet? Or are you focusing on the whole group or one person? I think this has the potential to be a good and interesting story. You’re off to a good start!

  3. I like your lead. You did a good job of taking a quote that seemed irrelevant at first and tying it in with your story.

  4. I think you have a good lead that catches people attention. Maybe make the second draft a little bit longer with more information.

  5. First two grafs fine, Jescy. I like the story. But in that third graf you need to get to your point: STD is a campus organization that needs to raise funds in order to remain active. Hence the soup sales.

    The focus of your story (I think) should be on how organizations like STD have to raise their own funds in order to provide educational experiences for members. Unlike athletics, academic groups can’t depend on ticket sales or donors. So they do the best they can with soup.

  6. I guess I should also mention that Dani could be more central. Why does she work so hard to keep STD going? What does it mean to her?