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Gaming Triad

This weekend Chicago will be hosting a Magic: the Gathering Grand Prix Tournament, in the Modern Format.  This event comes just one week after the last Grand Prix (GP) held in Lyon, France on November 3rd and 4th.

GP’s are very valuable tournaments, dishing out prize money anywhere from $200 to $3,500.  Another part of the prize for top the 4 players is invitation and airfare to the Pro Tour Gatecrash tournament held in Montreal, Canada later in the year and a set amount of Pro Points for this season of gaming.

Looking forward to GP Chicago, held on the weekend of the 10th, Starcitiygames.com’s Reid Duke reported his thoughts on the surprise decks which he projects to dominate the tournament.

“Those three decks [Affinity, Infect, Eggs], were pretty good decks for a reason. Part of it was their overall power and their specific strengths against Jund.  I do feel that  Affinity and Eggs are both unfavorable matchups, barring some pretty extreme sideboarding. I feel that I would be fine playing Jund against Infect, but Infect definitely has some big strengths.”

GP Chicago is estimated to draw over 1,000 hopefuls to the day one event.

It’s as if all of the nerds cried out at once…and then were silenced. If you haven’t heard by now, the Walt Disney Company has bought out Lucasfilm Ltd. from Star Wars creator George Lucas for a huge undisclosed amount.

The multimillion dollar deal includes Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker sound, as well as rights to the Star Wars franchise.

This development allows the Star Wars films to open the possibility for episodes 7, 8, and 9 to now be put into production.  The Star Wars literature and source material is so vast for the inspiration of these movies that they are ready to go and projected to be released before 2020 rolls around.

It is an interesting page to be turned to in the Lucas/Star Wars history, as the guys at IL&M will be able to team up with Disney’s Pixar corporation.  This means ginormous special effects will be had at the disposal of these two industry powerhouses.  This titanic turn of events is just one of the multimillion dollar deals Disney has dealt with in the past few years.  Others include buying rights to ESPN and the major sports shows that are associated with the cable company as well as the purchase of Pixar.



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