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Mickey meets the Force

It’s as if all of the nerds cried out at once…and then were silenced. If you haven’t heard by now, the Walt Disney Company has bought out Lucasfilm Ltd. from Star Wars creator George Lucas for a huge undisclosed amount.

The multimillion dollar deal includes Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker sound, as well as rights to the Star Wars franchise.

This development is huge in the Star Wars films because it now opens the possibility for episodes 7, 8, and 9 to now be put into production.  The Star Wars literature and source material is so vast for the inspiration of these movies that they are ready to go and projected to be released before 2020 rolls around.

It is an interesting page to be turned to in the Lucas/Star Wars history, as the guys at IL&M will be able to team up with Disney’s Pixar corporation.  This means ginormous special effects will be had at the disposal of these two industry powerhouses.  This titanic turn of events is just one of the multimillion dollar deals Disney has dealt with in the past few years.  Others include buying rights to ESPN and the major sports shows that are associated with the cable company as well as the purchase of Pixar, which as to date has not produced a single flop movie.

This is very newsworthy in my opinion for a  few reasons.  One of them being I’m a total nut for Star Wars.  Another being that again we can see this huge homogenization of different media under the Disney Corporation’s umbrella and it just keeps getting more and more.

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2 Responses to “Mickey meets the Force”

  1. I probably should be excited about this. But I keep wondering what Disney will do with its newest Princess.

  2. add her to all the memorabilia of course.