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Soundbyte Shooting Story

Yesterday, a wedding reception went horribly awry when a newlywed husband shot his wife. Richard Brunson, 50, shot his wife, Laurette Kenny Brunson, 38, police reported.

The Brunson’s were married 2 P.M Saturday on the front porch of their home where about 30 relatives and friends attended.   A witness who lives across the street, Vicki Holmes, recounts the wedding unawareof the events  that would follow.  Vicki

Police spokesman Sgt. Mann Sgtmann, reported the gun used was a .22-calibre handgun after an altercation at the wedding reception between the newlyweds.  Brunson is still at large, but the macaroni salad has been taken into custody and is under investigation.
The bride leaves behind three children who were at the couple’s home at the time of the incident.  Neighbor Micheal Micheal Martin reflects on his account.MichealMartin

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  1. Short and direct, Jescy: A wedding reception turned violent yesterday. The rest reads pretty well.