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Island Dispute

The ongoing dispute between China and Japan apparently has more impact on the world than one would think.  Since Japan Nationalized a tiny group of islands off the coast of China, the Chinese have been boycotting products coming from China.

The economists from a Japan have said that car sales have cratered in the month of September.  Economic fall backs in the Asian market could potentially in turn have a detrimental impact on the European as well as the US economies, which are already hurting to say the least.
This story is most definitely newsworthy because the subject potentially affects more than just Japan and China.  However, the article doesn’t focus on the bad blood and woes from the wars of the past and only slightly mentions some hostility between them concerning the underwater oil that could be accessible.

There are historical reasons for the ill views the Japanese and Chinese people have toward each other.  The fact that NBC failed to recognize that in it’s article is surprising to me to say the least.  There has been a lot of bad blood between the two countries for hundreds of years and reinforced by the Japanese invasion and occupations of China in the past.

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  1. OK, Jescy. World news is always important, but it doesn’t get a lot of attention here, especially in an election year.