Midland Zoo Mourns the Loss of Beloved Bear

Tragedy struck the Midland Zoo this week when beloved polar bear, Homer, was found deceased in his exhibit. The 16 year old bear, was the oldest bear at the zoo and beloved by all.

“Homer was very curious and playful and will be missed terribly.” said, zookeeper, Sara N. Getty.

Polar bears have thrived at the Midland zoo since 1985, and their exhibit allows the bears to engage in natural behaviors, and mimic their natural habitat as much as possible with places for playing in snow, digging in gravel, and hunting trout in their chilled pool. They serve to educate visitors about this threatened species.

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of death, but results can take several weeks. Zoo director, Chris P. Bacon, stated that the zoo will do everything in their power to determine how the bear died, and that animal welfare and the preservation of species is the zoo’s primary goal.